Vicharvedh Group Discussion 

Vicharvedh Sammelan movement has been going on in Maharashtra since 1992. The aim of Vicharvedh is to educate the society in general and especially the activists working in the social movements, on various important social issues. ‘Baba Vakyam Pramanam’ has an important place in the Indian tradition, Vicharvedh aims to free individuals and society from this tradition.

vicharvedh mainly works on yearly conferences, small, meaningful, and informative lectures on youtube related to social subjects, with group discussions.

Vicharvedh movements work for Ideological debates and Enlightenment of Activists


Vicharvedh group discussions Ongoing in Pune

Date: 18 December, Bhagatsingh Hall, Pune

Subject: My trip to Russia- Annabhau sathe

Advocacy-ridhi mhatre Present:11


Sane guruji vidyalay Pune

Subject- medieval history related some questions

guest- Ram Puniyani Present:24

Vicharvedh Group Discussion Purpose:

  • Delivering informative ideological lectures to the audience
  • listeners make habit of self thinking and Ideological debate
  • To create ideological strength in the activists which will be useful while working in the movement

Vicharvedh group discussion Procedures:

  • Each discussion group should have ten to twenty people.
  • Anyone can join the discussion group, but as far as possible, fanatics of other religions (Bajrang Dal, Jamaat-e-Islami, etc.) and proponents of inequality (anti-reserved seats, believing that 'women's territory is only a child') became annoying. So they should not be allowed to participate.
  • The discussion group should decide which discussion topic to discuss next week on the YouTube channel.
  • The discussion group should meet at a designated place once a week.
  • Initially, the discussion should be listened to on the screen with the help of LCD projector, or with the help of laptop, on TV or if none of these are available, then it should be discussed on one's own mobile.
  • When the members of the discussion group feel the need, the members should study a social topic and present their own thoughts.
  • If necessary, it is okay to invite a guest speaker to make the initial arrangements.
  • The main focus should be on listening to and discussing the thought provoking YouTube channel. So either way, it is worth the effort and expense of choosing a speaker, inviting him, his travel expenses and honorarium. Secondly, it does not mean that the speech is long and there is no time for discussion.
  • The discussion should last for about an hour. There should be ample opportunity for all present to participate in the discussion but no one should be forced to participate in the discussion.
  • Voluntary donations should be collected from the attendees at their expense.
  • After the discussion, go to 'Comments' on YouTube and each participant should register their comment. It can be a paragraph from a word for example ‘good’, ‘boring’.

You in your neighborhoodIn the wardCity  starts group discussion and  important as  ‘analytical ideological debate  culturedo participate in culture developing programme.

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