Development Applications of Social Sciences (DASS)

The Unemployed young people in India are more than 100 million and their number is increasing.  These young persons are losing self-confidence and are becoming defeatist. They are feeling shy of any social involvement and are increasingly becoming socially isolated with poor Social awareness. Narrow and shallow pursuit of pure selfish interest is becoming their way of life.  It is necessary to educate these young persons regarding social issues and boost their self-confidence so that they feel encouraged to take on activities of social development which will create meaningful productive employment for themselves and others. On this background, VicharVedh Association plans to start an online certificate course titled, ‘Developmental Applications of Social Sciences’ (DASS). The content of the course, duration, fees, and other details are given in the bullet points below:


  • VicharVedh has produced more than 500 video films to increase social competence and social awareness among the young people. These educational video films will be the core source material for this course.
  • Every 90-minute seminar/workshop in the course will begin with screening of one film of 15 minutes to 30 minutes duration.
  • Participants will join from any place of their convenience through their mobile phone on YouTube.
  • A batch size will be of 20 participants. A total of 1000 young persons to be enabled in the first 12 months.
  • Participants will engaged in a group discussion on the film for about 30 minutes.
  • The person who has spoken in the film will generally be the guest faculty member. The guest faculty member will answer queries of participants and summaries the discussion.
  • Each participant will write about his understanding of the topic by writing a note in the ‘comment’ section of YouTube.
  • There will be, initially, three modules of 12 workshops in each module. The participant who completes the three modules will get a ‘PARANGAT’ certificate from VicharVedhAssociation.
  • VicharVedh Association will run a placement cell to find suitable work opportunities for students who have obtained the ‘PARANGAT’ certificate.
  • Each participant will pay a nominal fee of rupees one hundred for the entire course of 36 workshops of 42 clock hours.



No. Item Basis Cost Rupees
          One time Every Year
1 Infrastructure
1.1 Office deposit 3 months rent (se item 3) 1,50,000
1.2 Office furniture Lump sum 3,00,000
1.3 Office rent 50 sq. mtrs@Rs.1000/sq. metre 6,00,000
1.4 Computers 3 Numbers @Rs75000 2,25,000
1.5 Internet connectivity 2500pm 30,000
1.6 Mobile phone charges 1000pm 12,000
1.7 Travel 2500 Kms /month@Rs15/Km 4,50,000
1.8 Outstation stay 10 days/month@Rs3000/day 3,60,000
1.9 Internet fees 12 channel, Rs14000/channel 1,68,000
2 Personnel
2.1 Dr. Anand Karandikar Honorary Director Nil
B.Tech(I.I.T. Mumbai), M.B.A.(I.I.M. Calcutta), Ph.D.(Pune)
2.2 Ms. Saita Awad Honorary Joint Director Nil
M.A. Psychiatric Social Work, (TISS, Mumbai)
2.3 Coordinator 1 number, Rs1,20,000pm 14,40,000
2.4 Media Operators 2 numbers. Rs60,000 pm 14,40,000
2.5 Field Promoters 3 numbers. Rs50,000 pm 12,00,000
2.6 Associate expert faculty 40 numbers, Rs25,000 pm 1,20,00,000
Sub total 6,75,000 1,77,00,000
Contingencies ‘@10% 67,500 17,70,000
Cost for 3 years 7,42,500 5,84,10,000
Total cost for 3 years 5,91,52,500
Number of students trained in 3 years 3,000
Cost per student 19,718