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Annual Conferences: The annual conferences of the re-launched VicharVedh were held in Pune on diverse themes: 


  • 2017 – ‘Indian Nationalism : Ideology, Forms and Challenges’  . 
  • 2018 – ‘Affordable , Non-sectarian Education for All’ 
  • 2019 – ‘Equity and Employment ’ 
  • 2020 – ‘Globalization and India’


Knowledgeable speakers address a gathering of more than 300 active social workers at these conferences.. The speeches are subsequently viewed by thousands on YouTube.


List of Speakers in Vicharvedh Conferences
1st Conference – 2017


2nd Conference – 2018

Education For All

3rd Conference – 2019

Equity & Employment

4th Conference – 2020


Atamjit Singh Apurvanand Zha Gopal Guru Meera Nanda
Ganesh Devi Suresh Bhat Anil Sadgopal Bhalchandra Mungekar
Medha Patkar Padma Velaskar Achyut Godbole Manisha Gupte
Raziya Patel Dilip Chavan Jayati Ghosh Geetali V. M.
Hemant Gokhale Jandhyala Tilak Rajani Bakshi Rohini Sahani
Ulka Mahajan Advait Dandavate Vivek Sawant Neeraj Hatekar
Vishwambhar Chaudhari Pravin Khunte Madhukar Kokate Shriram Pawar
Shama Dalawai Pranit Sinha Mukta Manohar Pratima Joshi
Datta Desai Siddharth Kambale Milind Murungkar Mohan Agashe
Sanjeev Chandorkar Amey Gore Rajendra Kumbhar Anant Phadake
Subhash Ware Jayadev Dole Tarak Kate Abhay Shukla
Kishor Bedkihal Suresh Sawant Dhammasangini Raghunath Patil
Irfan Engineer Avinash Dolas Sandhya Pawar Deepak Chavan
Pallavi Renake Ashutosh Bhupatkar Mangesh Joshi


Essay competition: An annual essay competition, open to all, is organized to encourage critical original thinking. 

1190 individuals participated in the essay competition In 2020 on subjects related to globalization. Participants included students, teachers, homemakers, and senior citizens mainly from rural Maharashtra. Maximum participation was from Hingoli. 

A significant number of Muslim women wrote on the topic of Google Maza Guru’. 

A book of the ten prize-winning essays has been published

Relevant research projects: Vicharvedh, on its own, research into:

  • Condition and motivation of persons appearing for MPSC / UPSC
  • Why millions of women are quitting gainful employment

The findings were published in leading Marathi publications

Plans for 2020 -21

Annual Conference in Pune (Topic to be decided)

Publication of 50 educational films on YouTube

Annual essay competition (Topic to be decided)

Research and design an educational program for promoting an “Anti-Rape” attitude.


Your participation and support is crucial for growth of VicharVedh.   …..VicharVedh Association is a Not for Profit organization registered under Section 8 of Companies Act

CIN: U80301PN2017NPL173531   

PAN: AAGCV1817K      

TAN : PNEV14404F


Donations to Vicharvedh Association are eligible for benefits under section 80G of Income Tax (No: PUNE/80G/2019-20/A/10159)

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